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    Homework Policy

    All students are expected to have their homework completed and turned in on time.  If a student is absent due to an illness or emergency, they will be given extra time as outlined in the Central City School Student Handbook.

    Students who fail to turn in their homework at the assigned time should turn in their assignment on the very next school day.  If the assignment is not turned in on the next day they are in attendance, this assignment will be considered late and it will result in a 50% reduction on that assignment's total possible points. For example, if an assignment is originally worth 50 points but it is turned in 1 day late, the most points a student could receive would be 25. Any assignments turned in more than 1 day late will receive a zero.



    Weekly Agenda


    Distance Learning


    Welcome to my Home page! 

    We can get through this confusing time if we all work together and have a little patience (I'm definitely including myself in the patience category.)

    You will be able to access some of the information that you need on the school website and maybe here on my page. If not, I can be contacted a couple of ways. Mr. Branon wants us to be available weekdays for two hours, from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00. Please feel free to reach out at any time, not only those two hours. Here is the best way to contact me:




    Google Classroom Class Codes

    6th Grade--4f25zcm

    7th Grade--xeyktgo

    8th Grade--gxbm27d


    Khan Academy is a fantastic resource. It has countless videos that explain different math processes. 

    Check it out! 

    Khan Academy










      Donation to Centralia Humane Society

    Two hundered dollar donation to the Centralia Humane Society from St. Louis Cardinal calendar sales.

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