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    Scholar Bowl

    scholar bowl


     Due to Covid related issues and restrictions, I will only be able to take 6 or 7 kids to each match.

    We have 12 kids on scholarbowl.  Since it is limited to varsity only,

    8th grade students will be going to the matches and I will try to bring a

    7th grade student that will help us out.  Usually we have a JV squad but

    unfortunately this year there is no JV squad.  Matches will be limited to only

    a 25 question round.  They are going to be fast rounds as there will be no bonus questions.  

    Practice Schedule 3:30 - 4:30

    4/15/21 , 4/19/21

    Coach:  Mr. Sloat

    Varsity Only
    Hunter Allen
    Gavin Berry
    Tristan Bierman
    Jayden Cushman
    Rylee McIntosh
    Sarah Starr
    Aurora Amason
    Kaylee Kendall
    Riley Lusch
    Nora McKinzie
    Abram Miller
    Sophia Pennington
  •  Varsity

    2021 Schedule

    Schedule is subject to change

    There will be a Varsity only season with changes to the format.

    No Spectators will be allowed.

    All matches begin at 3:30

    unless stated otherwise.



    Bold and Underline denotes location of the Match



    Jr. Varsity


    Bus Time

    3/23/21 Central City @ Selmaville  W ---  
    3/29/21 Central City @ Kell W ---  
    3/30/21 Central City @ Iuka W ---  
    4/7/21 Central City @ Sandoval L ---  
    4/13/21 Central City @ Franklin Park L ---  
    4/20/21 Field @ Central City L ---  
    4/21/21 CJHS @ Central City W ---