• 1/14 - 1/18

    This week in Math class we will continue Section 5 in Saxon Math. We are also working with Accelerated Math on the Chrome books as well as working in our Performance Coach books. The students are still practicing their multiplication facts on Math Facts in a Flash on the Chrome books, but I would still like them to be practicing at home.  

    Please encourage your child to ask for help if they require it. I want them each to succeed. Mrs. Stewart's students may come in during 2nd recess for help.

    Students should be studying their 4's, 5's, 6's, or 7's each evening at home, depending on their progress. We will spend time studying them together and idividually in class. Students that have excelled in the early testing have been given Mutiplication practice sheets to work on. These can also be reviewed with the students at home. It is critical that students be as fluent with their math facts as they are their reading ability, so please take a moment to review these facts with your child each evening.

    Thank you for your help!

     This schedule is subject to change. Please check your child's agenda for the most accurate information.


    Monday: Lesson 44-Multiplying 2 digit numbers

    page284-286 1-30

    Tuesday: Lesson 45-Parentheses and the Associative Property Naming lines and segments

    page291-293 1-30

    Wednesday: Performance Coach-Domain 2 Lesson 8

    page 78-85 Lesson 44 corrections

    Thursday: Accelerated Math/Math Facts in a Flash

    Lesson 45 corrections

    Friday: Power-Up Assessment 8

    Cumulative Assessment 8