Dear Parents/Guardians,


    It is with pleasure that we welcome your child to Fourth Grade.  We can all look forward to a rewarding school year.  In order to provide students with the learning climate they deserve, we have developed the following Classroom Management Plan that will be in effect at all times.

    We expect our students to be responsible, respectful, and safe as outlined in the CCS Discipline Plan and Code of Conduct.  Using these behaviors will help your child become a successful student.  

    Students who behave appropriately will earn incentives and a chance to win one of many exciting rewards!  We will also randomly acknowledge students with verbal praise, positive notes home, etc. He/she will also get to participate in other exciting opportunities as decided by the teacher.

    In 4th Grade, we use the Class Dojo System.  The next page outlines all of the specifics of this program.  Please be aware that this program is used throughout the entire school day.  Therefore, behavior infractions during PE, lunch and other special areas will also be recorded on Class Dojo!  It is very important that you log into Class Dojo as soon as possible.  Instructions on how to log into this program will be sent.  You can access Class Dojo from a cell phone, tablet, or computer.  Daily announcements, daily behavioral reports,  instant email access to your student’s teachers, and classroom events are all available for you to see so that you can share in your child’s educational experience.  If you do not log in, you will need to check with your student’s homeroom teacher to see behavioral logs.  Also, on Class Dojo, we put homework updates as well.  Class Dojo is your “portal” to your child’s education.

    We understand the importance of physical activity and will provide your child with a short recess.   At times, your child may be kept in from recess to conference with a teacher or finish an assignment.  This does not necessarily mean the child is receiving disciplinary actions.

    However, certain behavioral issues will result in loss of recess privileges for that day. ANY DETENTION WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF THE STAR PARTY FOR THAT QUARTER!

     It is in your child’s best interest that we work together with regard to his or her education.  We will keep you informed about your child’s progress in our classes.  We have already discussed this plan with your child, but would appreciate it if you would review it with him or her before signing and returning the form below.


    Thank you for your support.




    Fourth Grade Teachers



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