• 2018 S.I.S.L.

    Southern Illinois Softball League

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    Current Teams for 2018 SISL League


    Nashville Blue Bombers

    Centralia Sonics

    Nashville Sting


    SISL Schedule

      Date CC West CC East
    Week 1 05/23/18 3 vs 4 DH 1 vs 2 DH
    Week 2 05/30/18 1 vs 3 DH  ---------------------
    Week 3 06/06/18 2 vs 3 DH 1 vs 4 DH
    Make-Up 06/11/18 2 vs 4 DH ---------------------
    Week 4 6/13/2018 (Rain Out) 2 vs 4 DH 1 vs 3 DH
    Week 5 06/20/18 1 vs 4 DH 2 vs 3 DH
    Make-Up 06/26/18 2 vs 4 DH ---------------------
    Week 6 06/27/18 League Tournament



    10U Division

    Team Wins Loses Ties Games Back
    Nashville Blue Bombers 4 2 0  --
    Xplosion 4 2 0  --
    Centralia Sonics 2 4 0  2
    Nashville Sting 2 4 0  2
  • S.I.S.L. Rules (IHSA Modified)

    1.)    We will be using IHSA rules with some basic modifications.

    2.)    Rosters must be set and turned in no later than the 1st day of League Play.  You may carry 16 players on your roster.  Rosters must be set and turned in no later than the 1st day of League Play.  Rosters may only be adjusted through the majority consent of the coaches in that age division.

    3.)    If a team chooses to bat their entire roster, then they may use free substitution. (Keep same batting order but may move kids in and out for defense)

    4.)    If you do not bat your entire roster, then IHSA substitution rules will apply.

    5.)    Courtesy runners may be used for pitchers and catchers at any time.  A courtesy runner shall be the last BATTED out that is not the pitcher or the catcher OR any bench player who has not yet been entered into the game.

    6.)    Pitching distance shall be (14U) 43' feet, (12U) 40' feet & (10U) 35' feet.7.)    International Tie Breaker will be used at the end of the 70 minute time limit in each game if the score is tied. The last BATTED out shall start at 3rd base with 1 out (Pitcher or Catcher may still have a courtesy runner if they are the last BATTED out).  There will be only 1 inning of ITB.

    8.)    On Deck batters must stand BEHIND the batter at all times.

    9.)    Pitchers MUST wear a face mask.

    10.)   Equipment - Batters MUST wear a face mask on their helmets.  Chin straps are encouraged, but not mandatory.  Metal spikes are allowed.  That will be a coaching and parent decision.  If, in the opinion of an umpire or league official, the metal spikes are being used in an aggressive or unsafe manner, then offending player or players will be ejected and the offending player will no longer be allowed to wear metal spikes for the remainder of the season and for tournament play.

    11.)   Any coach who gets ejected from a contest will be banned from any further competition for the  remainder of that day.  If a fan gets ejected, then the Head Coach of that fan's team shall also be removed from competition for the remainder of that evening’s games.  If the umpires cannot determine what team the fan is associated with, then only the fan shall be removed. Umpires will do their best to let coaches know about any unruly fans and this shall be considered the coach’s warning.

    12.)  A team must start with 9 players but may finish the game with 8 players.  The missing spot in the batting order shall be an out UNLESS it is the 3rd out of the inning and the previous batter walked...intentionally or unintentionally.  If the missing player has been removed due to an injury, then that spot will NOT be considered an out.

    13.)   January 1st shall be the cut-off for determining age groupings.  A player may “play up” 1 age group above their appropriate roster age.  They must be included on that team’s roster.

    14.)  All regular season games will be a maximum of 6 innings UNLESS the game goes into ITB.  All games have a 70-minute time limit BEFORE ITB would apply.  No new inning may start after the time-limit has expired.  Please avoid any attempts at intentionally trying to stall.  Umpires will handle questions relating to possible stalling issues.

    15.)   If a game is called due to darkness, wet weather or some other reason, then the umpires have been instructed to go back to the last completed inning to determine the winner.  As an example, suppose the Visiting team is down a run after the end of the 4th inning and they then score 2 runs to take the lead in the top of the 5th, but the umpires have to call the game before the Home team has a chance to complete their at bat in the bottom of the 5th inning.  In this case, we will go back to the score as it was after the end of the 4th inning.  The exception would be if the Home team retakes the lead during the bottom half of their inning.  Then they would end up winning the game in the bottom of the 5th because they had their chance to bat and retook the lead.  The Home team must be given their opportunity to bat in their half of the inning, otherwise it reverts back to the last completed inning.  Rulings on this issue will be handled by the SISL Coordinators and the umpires.

    16.)  The first game of the league DH will start with a ball roll to determine Home team.  The Visiting Team for Game 1 shall be the Home team for Game 2.  Regular season league Game 1 start time is 5:30 pm. Game 2 start time is no later than 10 minutes after the end of Game 1.  Game 2 may start sooner if the coaches and umpires are in agreement.  Both league games shall count in the standings.  All ties will result in each team receiving ½ game credit in the standings.

    17.)  When determining the seeding for the league tournament:  2 teams having identical records shall use a coin toss to determine the higher seed.  If 3 or more teams are tied, then those teams will have their names drawn from a hat to determine seeding.  The higher seed is the HOME team for tourney play.  Head-to-Head record does not apply in the event of a tie.

    18.)   Run Rules:  12 Runs after (3) innings, 10 runs after (4) innings & 8 runs after (5) innings.

    19.)  Additional rules may be added or enforced as needed.  Those will be at the discretion of the umpires and league officials.

    Additional rules may be added or enforced as needed. Those will be at the discretion of the umpires and league officials.