Classroom Management/Class Dojo



    Class Dojo Behavior System


    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    In fourth grade we have implemented a behavior system based on the Class Dojo point system. On Class Dojo, we will award 1 point for:

    • Being on Task – Participating – Persistence - Working Hard

    We will award 2 points for:

    • Helping Others - Teamwork

    Rewards may be given out during the week for exceptional behavior. The top 3 in points will receive a treat on Friday. A student without any negative points for the week will also receive a treat.  We focus on all positive behaviors.

    We will deduct 1 point for:

    • Disrupting Others – Missing Class Materials - Not Following Directions -Off Task  Out of Seat – Talking

    We will deduct 2 points for:

    • Arguing - Incomplete Homework

    1 Negative point in a day will serve as a warning

    2 Negative points in a day will result in a modified recess

    3 Negative points in a day will result in a modified recess, parents will be notified 

    4 negative points in a day will result in a detention

     In addition, 10 or more negative points per week will also result in a detention.     (8 points on a 4 day school week)    

    Repeated detentions will result in a level 2 (after school) detention.  STAR PARTY WILL BE REMOVED IF DETENTIONS ARE ISSUED!