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     Please return the Class Dojo permission slip so your child can begin earning amazing points and possible prizes for being responsible and making great behavior choices!     

    From time to time we will also post pictures about what is happening in our classroom!


    In fourth grade we have implemented a behavior system based on the Class Dojo point system. On Class Dojo, we will award 1 point for:

    • Being on Task – Participating – Persistence - Working Hard

    We will award 2 points for:

    • Helping Others - Teamwork

    Rewards may be given out during the week for exceptional behavior. The top 3 in points will receive a treat on Friday. A student without any negative points for the week will also receive a treat.

    We will deduct 1 point for:

    • Disrupting Others – Missing Class Materials - Not Following Directions    Off Task – Out of Seat – Talking

    We will deduct 2 points for:

    • Arguing - Incomplete Homework

    1 Negative point in a day will serve as a warning                                             

    2 Negative points in a day will result in a modified recess                                             

    3 Negative points in a day will result in a modified recess, parents will be notified 

    4 negative points in a day will result in a detention                                 

    In addition, 10 or more negative points per week will also result in a detention.       

    (8 points on a 4 day School week)

    A detention will result in the loss of quarterly STAR Party.  

    Repeated detentions will result in a level 2 (after school) detention.



    Mr. Smith