Reading Program

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    Reading Program-4th GRADE


    In fourth grade, we will participate in various reading challenges in an attempt to encourage students to read!  For each quarter, each student will be asked to gain 7 points for quarter #1, 8 points for quarter #2, and 9 points for quarters #3 and # 4  in AR that are at an appropriate reading level for the child during the quarter.  This number may differ between students based on the length of the book.  The books will count toward a reward. This will count as 1 homework grade each quarter.  To be specific, to earn 100% for that grade, the student MUST earn the required number of points or more.  The numbers listed above are only a simple goal.  To earn the more amazing prizes in the Central City Accelerated Reader Store, the student must earn more than the number listed above.


    Feel free as a family to set your own goals for your child above this number.  5th grade starts with 10 points and we are working to build up to being ready for 5th grade by the end of the year

    The reward system is as follows:

    25% - bookmark

    50% - all of the 25% rewards + pencil

    75% - 25%, 50% rewards + treat

    100% - 25%, 50%, 75% rewards and “Rockin’ Reader” Recognition


    In addition, each month to month and a half, we focus on a “Genre of the Month”.  This is where we feature a particular style of literature, and urge our students to read books of this type.   For example, one month may be mysteries, while the following month will be biography books.  If an individual student reads 3 or more books from the “Genre of the Month”, they will be given an additional prize for meeting that goal as well as the above prizes.  This program allows our students to get to know and understand the different genres of literature. 


    We watch very carefully to ensure that the students read the books!  After all, this program is designed to improve reading skills in a rewarding manner!  Each quarter, we will send you an update on your child’s progress.  At school, we keep track of this online, so the students are aware of their current progress toward the goal!  The prizes will be awarded throughout the quarter as students accomplish each reward.