• Bonita Bay Playground

    As they explore the humongous structure of the Bonita Bay play set, children will find adventure around every turn. They will have a blast as they scale the rocky Boulder Climber, crawl through the Curved Tube Bridge, and swing from the 270-Degree Overhead Loop Ladder. This structure has tons of activities to try, as well as space for kids to run around, making it an excellent option for large play areas that need to be able to entertain a lot of children at once. It has a Spiral Slide, a Double Slide, and two Turn Slides all set at different heights between three and six feet. This ensures that there are enough slides for everyone, and enough variety so that every kid can find one they like. With tons of climbers and activity panels scattered throughout the Bonita Bay’s structure, kids will never run out of things to do.


    • All playground pieces can come in several different colors:  Orange, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Gray and Purple.
    • All slides can be changed to a different style.  Slides can be open or closed, flat or wavy or straight or curly.
    • Many playground pieces can be switched out for other pieces. For example, Rock climbing walls and tic-tac-toe walls can be switched out for other components.