• Secret Stronghold

    Transport kids back to medieval times with Secret Stronghold, an innovative offering from PlaygroundEquipment.com. With its massive size as well as the host of different play elements it facilitates, Secret Stronghold makes a great addition to any playground. Its creative, castle-like design will make kids feel like they’re the lords and ladies of their own castle. On the ground level, children will find several enticing varieties of play, including a Pinball Activity Panel, a Rain Wheel, and two Overhead Climbers. Awaiting kids who ascend the stairs or climbers are a host of play options, the most immediately noticeable of which are Secret Stronghold’s five slides. Whether kids choose to return to the ground using the Spiral Slide, the Curved Tube Slide, or the Wave Slide, they’re sure to have fun, thrilling adventures on Secret Stronghold.

    • All playground pieces can come in several different colors:  Orange, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Gray and Purple.
    • All slides can be changed to a different style.  Slides can be open or closed, flat or wavy or straight or curly.
    • Many playground pieces can be switched out for other pieces. For example, Rock climbing walls and tic-tac-toe walls can be switched out for other components.