Ms. Schwartz's Discipline Plan

    Classroom Rules

    • Be Respectful.
    • Be Responsible.
    • Be Honest.
    • Be Polite.

    BE ORDERLY:                

    • Arrive to school and to class on time
    • Raise hand and wait to be recognized before speaking
    • Follow directions given by adults
    • Go to your locker only during designated times or with adult permission
    • Walk single file on the right side of the hallway
    • Use your inside voice in the building


    • Be respectful to everyone
    • Respect the authority of all adults
    • No cussing, teasing, or name-calling
    • Dress appropriately and maintain good personal hygiene


    • Take care of all school property
    • Respect the property of others
    • Do not enter any room or office without permission


    • Listen and follow directions
    • Arrive to class prepared and with all materials (pencil, notebook, etc.)
    • Pay attention and remain focused
    • Complete assignments when due


    • Assignments will be due the following day unless instructed.
    • 50% off assignment after 1 day late
    • 0% on assignment after 2 or more days late


    ***Rewards for following all rules may be: extra recess, free time, etc.

    *** Behavior will be tracked by using Class Dojo. It is an app that allows teachers to give and take points away for specific behavior. Students must have at least an average of 80% positive for the week to earn the end of the week reward(s). 


    When Rules are Broken: (Severity of behavior can affect offense.)

     1st Offense-warning, verbal reprimand

     2nd Offense- Phone call home and loss of recess

    3rd Offense- Phone call home, detention

    4th Offense- Detention, Conversation with Mr. Branon