Teacher:  Mrs. Starr


    Contact:  532-9521  ext. 115  (may leave a message after hours)

    www.ccs133.com (link on the webpage to contact me via e-mail 




    Accelerated Reader:  Your child will again be involved in the Accelerated Reader Program (A/R for short).  EACH QUARTER, your child will be expected to accumulate at least 10 points each quarter.  This will be through personal reading, teacher read-aloud, and Reading series stories. The 10 points will be equivalent to a double test grade in Reading.  Your child will be able to accumulate as many more points as desired past the 10 points to use towards the “purchase” items at the A/R store.  

    S.T.A.R.—This is our school wide discipline incentive program (STOP, THINK, ACT, RESPONSIBLY).  At the end of each nine weeks, those students who have qualified with responsible behavior will enjoy some type of reward (party, movie, game day…..).  **Fifth grade students will be disqualified from participating in the S.T.A.R. party if they have received 2 yellow warning popsicle sticks 4 times or more; red popsicle sticks 2 times or more; have been assigned a detention within the nine week grading period, have been sent to the office for a behavior infraction, homework negligence, or have repeated violations of the S.T.A.R Discipline Plan.








    Birthday Parties:  Treats may be sent to school in the morning (to be passed out by the teacher) or brought to school at 2:45 p.m.  ALL treats must be purchased from a store/bakery, or still in the original packaging.  Please call me and let me know if you are bringing a birthday treat. 

    Box Tops for Education:  Box Tops may be cut off participating food packaging and brought to school anytime to be placed in our Box Tops collection jar.  The class with the most box tops gets a pizza party at the end of the year.