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    Distance-Learning Day Information

    & Bus Food Delivery Schedules


    CCS Parents,

    Central City School will be conducting Distance Learning or E-Learning Days for all of our students starting on Tuesday, March 17th and running through Monday, March 30th.  As we get closer to the March 30th date, the State will provide us with additional information regarding when our students will be able to return to the building for regular school days.

    Until that time, our staff will be providing students with on-line OR paper and pencil activities to do at home.  These lessons will be delivered in various formats (worksheets, videos, on-line worksheets, required readings, interactive websites, on-line tests and quizzes, etc...).  If your child(ren) have access to an internet connected device, then they should be able to log on to our school website in order to see what their lessons are for each day.  If your child does not have internet access, then we will have packets available for those students.  These packets will contain 5 days’ worth of lessons for each student.  Lessons will cover, Math, Reading, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Spelling, & PE/Health.  Not every subject may be covered every day, but lessons will cover these core subject areas during the week. Weekly lesson packets can be picked up in our school gymnasium during the day.  They will be located on one of the white tables in the gym.  Grade level packets will be clearly marked.

    Teachers will be available from 10 AM to 12 Noon on Monday through Friday to try and answer student’s questions and to try and provide guidance, explanation and feedback to the greatest extent possible in regard to the lessons.  Communications between students and staff will be monitored and they can take the form of E-mails, phone calls, Class Dojo or other electronic communications.  Communications between students and staff will pertain only to the lessons that are presented and they must address school issues only.

    What Supplies will my child need?  On Monday, March 16th, we will be instructing each and every child to take their textbooks, and specific workbooks, home with them along with some paper and pencils.  We would also suggest that upper grade students have a calculator with them at home.  We would also suggest that the lower grades students take home some Crayons or markers to help pass the time coloring or working on Arts & Crafts.  

    Where can parents & students find the on-line lessons and the weekly packets of lessons? - Teachers will have educational information posted on their classroom websites.  Classroom websites can be found on the main webpage under "Classrooms".  Or Students may click HERE to jump to the Classrooms Page.  Some teachers will be using the Google Classroom interface which allows students and teachers to communicate and share information and assignments.  Teachers are currently working to add lessons, assignments and instructions to their websites.  This is an ongoing and constantly evolving process.  Please monitor your teacher's website regularly.  There will be constant updates and additions made to these websites.  Please be patient as the teachers work through this process.  Again, lessons will cover, Math, Reading, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Spelling, & PE/Health.  Not every subject may be covered every day, but lessons will cover these core subject areas during the week. Weekly lesson packets can be picked up in our school gymnasium during the day.  They will be located on one of the white tables in the gym.  Grade level packets will be clearly marked.  If a parent feels that the work that we are providing is not challenging enough for their child, then we strongly encourage parents to supplement our lessons with additional or more challenging lessons.  Parents are also welcome to modify or reduce the level of difficulty of a lesson or assignment if they feel that their child is struggling with the work.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child's teacher(s) in order to get ideas or suggestions on ways to adjust the difficulty level of the assignments.

    Attendance - Each day of "School", parents will receive a One Call phone call around 8 AM in the morning asking them to select an option on their phone to show that their child(ren) will be participating in the on-line lessons for that day.  By pressing 1, parents will register their child(ren) as being "Present".  By pressing 2, parents will register their child as being "Absent".  Students who are registered as being present will need to be available to communicate with their teachers either on-line or by telephone.  Parents will need to let the school know what the attendance status is of their child for each day.  Attendance is being monitored.  If you do not get an 8 AM phone call asking about attendance, then please contact the school's Main Office and we will verify your contact information.  We are asking parents to PLEASE reply to the One Call message that will be sent out each morning.  The One Call program generates an attendance report for us each day.  If you cannot answer this call, then you must send us an email or call in to the Main Office....each day.  A failure to communicate with the school regarding attendance will result in the child(ren) being marked down as Unexcused.

    Breakfast & Lunches - Central City School will be doing our best to try and feed the kids breakfast and lunches on each day of school.  We are creating bus routes, both in town and out in the country, that we will use to deliver meals to numerous drop off points.  (See Bus Schedule Below).  We will do this for both breakfast and for lunch.  Students who want a meal will be given a brown bag that will have a lunch for that day and a breakfast for the next morning.  (The bags may have milk in them so make sure to refrigerate the milk ASAP)  We will start out food routes at 10 AM and they will take about 1 hr. 30 minutes to complete.  Please understand that we will not be able to stop at every house and every door, but we will do our best to try and cover as much area as we can so that our students have access to meals each day.  I am posting a schedule of all of the in-town stops that we will be making.  The out of town food route will be making the same stops that the regular morning bus pick-up route makes.  PLEASE have the children ready to come out to the nearest stop and pick-up the number of bags they will need for those children in their home.  If a child gets missed, then have the contact the school and we will see that they get a bag of food.  We will also have brown bag meals available in the gymnasium each day for pick-up for those kids or parents that would rather come and pick up a bag of food.  The pick-up times will be 10 AM-1 PM each day.  Updated Breakfast & Lunch menus have been posted to the CCS Website.  The Breakfast menu can be found at https://www.ccs133.com/domain/30#calendar499/20200315/month and the Lunch menu can be found at https://www.ccs133.com/domain/31

    Extra-Curriculars & School Events - Starting on Monday, March 16th, all school sponsored sports and activities will be suspended.  This includes games, practices, meetings, field trips, tutoring, screenings, etc...  We do plan to reschedule as many of these activities that we can as soon as school resumes.  Please be patient as we try to work out revised schedules.

    Medicine & Inhalers - If your child has medicine or an inhaler at school, and it will be needed during this time, please contact the school so that we can get these needed items back to the parents and the child.

    Parent Questions & Concerns - If any parent or guardian has a question or a concern, please contact Mr. Branon or your child's teacher(s).  I can assure you that the staff of Central City School will be doing all that we can to try and keep the education of our student's moving forward.  It won't be a perfect process, but we will continue to learn and adapt in order to improve this process.  Mr. Branon can be contacted at 532-9521 or at branon@ccs133.com.  Parents can also make posts to the Unofficial CCS Parent Facebook Page (permission must be granted by the page administrators) and I will do my best to try and answer these questions in a timely manner.  Negative or demeaning posts will not be answered by Mr. Branon.  Please be patient and courteous when making posts to this page.  The page can be found on Facebook and the page is called -  Central City Parents (unofficial)

    Using Google and Chomebook log-ins at Home - Many of the on-line activities that are being assigned to the students will be accessed through programs such as Google Classroom and G-mail.  2nd-8th grade students will need to use their Chromebook log-ins to access these programs.  Their Chromebook logins will give them access to their Google Classroom accounts, G-mail and to their Google Drives.  All 2nd-8th Grade students have a Chromebook Log-in and password that will give them access to these Google Programs.  If your child has lost or forgotten their Chromebook log-in info, please contact your child's teacher or contact Mr. Branon and we will get you a copy of that information.  Students should ONLY use their personal Chromebook log-ins and passwords.  They should NEVER use another student's account information.  Also, you do not need to have a Chromebook to use the Google programs.  Almost any laptop or smartphone will be able to access these programs as long as the login and passwords are correct.

    Parents Guide to Using Google Classroom - Here is a link that may help parents to better understand what Google Clasroom is and does.  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1PDVZvie0DnFbFEVFB8U3j89o1mD5BCUXTE6ymbb9y_k/mobilepresent?fbclid=IwAR0TtiCSgccYpIa_SuNeLChks7_cQYPFWWp6Kkzrel8uTtKh9frx9f80KD4&slide=id.g4f60ec15fb_1_0

    Chromebook Log-in info - Every 2nd - 8th grade student has a Chromebook Log-in account.  This log-in gives the student access to G-mail, Google Classroom along with all many of the other needed Google Suite Products.  A student's Chromebook log-in always follows the same format.  It is the student's 8th grade graduation year, first letter of their first name, entire last name followed by @stu.ccs133.com.  (Examples:  2020tbranon@stu.ccs133.com or 2023msloat@stu.ccs133.com) Their password is their 9 Digit State ID number.  The students have been given this information.  However, if they cannot find it, please contact your child's teacher or Mr. Branon and we will provide the information for you.  Please do not share your child's log-in information.