• Carolina Woods

    Carolina Woods is a huge play system that offers an endless supply of fun for school-aged children. It has a linear shape that slopes upwards, leading up to its biggest and best activities. It starts on a small deck that can be reached by climbing the underside of the Overhead Straight Swinging Rung Ladder, or alongside the two Craggy Climber Straight Sections. From there, they will pass all of Carolina Woods’ great activities on their way up to the top. The first slides that they encounter will be the 4-foot Double Slides, followed by the triple section of adjacent 6-foot slides, finally progressing all the way up to the top platform which contains two massive 8-foot Spiral Slides. Of course, there are many climbers alongside the decks that offer faster ways up than going back to the start, including a Snake Climber, Stump Climber, and Ribbon Climber. Carolina Woods even has a hidden area beneath its tallest deck, which is full of awesome and interactive activities.

    • All playground pieces can come in several different colors:  Orange, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Gray and Purple.
    • All slides can be changed to a different style.  Slides can be open or closed, flat or wavy or straight or curly.
    • Many playground pieces can be switched out for other pieces. For example, Rock climbing walls and tic-tac-toe walls can be switched out for other components.

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