• Turpin Hills

    Kids should delight once they discover the cool collection of games, slides, and climbing opportunities neatly assembled together in the Turpin Hills commercial-grade playground structure. Featuring a trio of slides, the highlight of the day will likely be a face-off between the lengthy journey provided by the huge Tube Slide and the open-aired Spiral Slide that lets you feel the wind on your face as you zip below. There’s a host of choices on how you access the upper reaches, both challenging and gentle ascents. Kiddos could haul themselves up on the oblong shapes of the Pea Pod Climber or push their strength to the limit by carrying their weight to the initial platform along a Horizontal Ladder. Faster access to those super slides can be achieved for those brave enough to face a Climbing Wall’s generous assembly of hand-grips. And children who would rather gather on the ground can always sit for a bit at the Bench Panel or compose some daring new rhythms on the Single Drum nearby.


    • All playground pieces can come in several different colors:  Orange, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Gray and Purple.
    • All slides can be changed to a different style.  Slides can be open or closed, flat or wavy or straight or curly.
    • Many playground pieces can be switched out for other pieces. For example, Rock climbing walls and tic-tac-toe walls can be switched out for other components.