• Resources for Success!

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    The Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader - provides a complete reference to Accelerated Reader and explains how to help your students become stronger readers.

    The Parent's Guide to AR BookFinder - for those parents who want to help their children choose books, or want to help their children learn how to choose the right books for themselves.  BookFinder provides parents with the opportunity to search for titles at the appropriate levels. 

    The Parent's Guide to Renaissance Home Connect - parents can log onto Renaissance Home Connect to get instant updates on their student's reading progress.


  • Accelerated Reader Requirements for each teacher

    Kindergarten Mrs. Beasley Mrs. Lankford No A.R. Points are required.  Students may read A.R. books and take the tests in order to earn points for the A.R. Store.

    K-4 Cross-Cat. Mrs. Bee

    This year, for AR, my class will start with a goal of 3 points and then move it up as the year continues.

       1st Grade

    Mrs. Williams

    Ms. Schaubert

    Ms. Allen

    1st Grade is required to read 5 Books in September and 10 Books during the rest of the months.  IEP students only need to read 5 books per month.   All students are encouraged to read as many books as they can.  We do not take grades on AR or AR Tests.  We use AR as an incentive program where students can earn AR Points to use at the AR Store.  Our focus is on both reading fluency and reading comprehension.  Students will frequently be given the opportunity to retake an AR test if they have failed the 1st time.  Students are asked to retake failed tests because we want them to comprehend what they have read.  Having them retake a failed test and passing it gives them a chance to show us that they now understand the story.

     2nd Grade  Mrs. Capps  Mrs. Stover

    No A.R. Points are required.  Students may read A.R. books and take the tests in order to earn points for the A.R. Store.  I do use the AR Tests for the stories that are in the student's Reading Book and I use these scores as part of their Reading Grade.

       3rd Grade   Mrs.Hoerchler   Mrs. Smith

    There are no required AR Points in 3rd Grade - but our reading stories are for both Grades and for AR.  The AR points are counted as part of the student's Reading Grade. Books that students pick-out and read during AR time/free time are for their benefit and they count for points at the AR store.  We would like to see the kids read a book a week if possible.  We understand that chapter books may take longer.

    4th  Grade  Mrs.Stewart

    Mr. Smith

    8 pts. are required for the 1st. qt., 10pts. for the 2nd and 3rd qts. and 8 pts. for the 4th qt.  Books do not have to be 4th grade level. The students should be reading books based on their STAR test generated level.

       5th Grade    Mrs. Hopkins

    Mrs. Mann

    We require 12 pts. per 1 and 2nd quarter then 15 pts for 3rd and 4th quarter.  The 12 pts. are a combination of independent reading, teacher read aloud and classroom group reading.

    Jr. High

    6th, 7th & 8th Grades

    For AR....6th, 7th, and 8th grades...We require 10 points for the first quarter and 15 for the rest of the quarter.  We count AR as a 100 pt. test grade for each quarter.

    5-8 Cross Cat.

    Mrs. Densmore

    In my class, AR is extra reading. It does not factor into the student's reading grade. The students and I decide at what point they get incentives.