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    Coach: Scott Stevenson

    Contact Coach Stevenson at sastms96@hotmail.com

    McKenna V

    8th Grade Night

    Bowling 8th

    Left to Right:  Natasha Brewster, Adia Sloat, Wyatt Gregory, Jenna Shopinski, Ryland Altenbaumer

    Congratulations 8th Graders!

    We will miss you!!!!!

    Central City

    Boys & Girls Bowling Teams


    Girls JV

    B. Loranzan

    Boys JV

    S. Sloat

    B. Ervin

    B. Etheridge

    R. Claybourn

    R. Smith

    Varsity Girls

    M. VanDeveer

    J. Shopinski

    N. Brewster

    A. Sloat

    A. Amason

    Boys Varsity

    J. Mikesell

    T. Sloat

    J. Bee

    W. Gregory

    R. Altenbaumer


    2023 Bowling Schedule


    Date Opponent Place Time
    2/6/23 Bluford/Rome Salem Bowl 3:30
    2/9/23 Selmaville Salem Bowl 3:30
    2/15/23 Casey Middle School (Varsity Only) Nu Bowl 4:30
    2/16/23 Franklin Park/Selmaville Salem Bowl 3:30
    2/22/23 Woodlawn Mt. Vernon - Nu Bowl Lanes 4:30
    2/25/23 Central City Invitational Salem Bowl 9:00 AM
    3/1/23 Rome Mt. Vernon - Nu Bowl Lanes 4:30
    3/6/23 Casey Middle School/Woodlawn Salem Bowl 3:30
    3/9/23 Salem Bowl  Salem Bowl 3:30
    3   SIJHSAA Regionals TBA TBA
    3/18/22 SIJHSAA State Fairview Heights - St. Clair Bowl TBA


    General Rules

    1. Eligibility - Please refer to SIJHSAA eligibility rules.
    1. Rules - Bowling equipment such as balls and shoes must meet USBC specifications. If there is a question regarding equipment, the tournament manager will have the final say.
    1. Game -- The standard tenpin scoring format will be used. Unless otherwise specifically provided in the SIJHSAA rules, the USBC rules and the SIJHSAA terms and conditions shall govern the competition with the tournament manager having the final say.
    1. Number of bowlers - Due to the size of the bowling alley, only the first 100 girls and 100 boys to sign up will be permitted to bowl. The number of bowlers allowed to sign up per each school will depend on the number of schools that we have signed up before Feb. 1st. If there are less than 25 schools to register, then we will allow each school to register 4 girls and 4 boys. If there are more than 25 schools to register, then we will allow each school to register only 2 boys and 2 girls.  If there are openings available, entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and the schools will be notified if any of the bowlers will be eligible to bowl.
    1. Participant/Coach Gate - A separate entrance will be used for participants and coaches. This entrance is at the south end of the bowling alley and it will be clearly labeled. Only participants and coaches who are on the SIJHSAA State Bowling Roster will be allowed to use this pass gate.
    1. Participant/Coach Passes - One wristband will be given to each bowler to wear during the competition. Also, one pit pass will be provided for each school for the coach to wear in the competition area. Nobody will be allowed in the competition area without a wristband or pit pass.
    1. Lane Assignments - Your lane assignment will be given to you at sign-in.
    1. General Admission - The main entrance which is located at the front of the building will be for spectator use. Admission is $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for students 8th grade and down.
    1. Noise Makers - No artificial noise makers will be allowed in the bowling center.
    1. Opening Ceremony - The players and coaches from all schools will be introduced, then the National Anthem will be played.
    1. Eating Accommodations - No coolers or outside beverages of any kind will be allowed into the facility by any spectator. A participant will be allowed to bring in a bottle of water or Gatorade during sign-in. Concessions will be available during the tournament.
    1. Tobacco/Alcohol - The use of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited during the state tournament. This includes the parking lots, fan accommodation areas, and other tournament center property. Anyone in violation of this policy will be removed from the premises and no refund will be granted.
    1. Apparel Sales - State t-shirts will be sold at the tournament for $10.00. Schools are encouraged to pre-order before the tournament begins. An order form will be sent to the school before the tournament begins.

    Playing Format

    1. Playing Format - The first round will consist of 3 games. After the first round, participants will be assigned a lane based on their first round score. The second round will also consist of 3 games.
    1. Team/Individual Format - Ateam will consist of either 2 boys and 2 girls or 4 boys and 4 girls. If a school does not have enough members to sign up to qualify as a team, then they can bowl as an individual for their particular school. The state tournament for 2012 will be an individual tournament only and not a team tournament. Schools will not be allowed to co-op for the state bowling tournament.
    1. Ties - A ninth and tenth frame tie-breaker formula will be used if the outcome has an effect on a medal or a trophy placement.

    Conduct of Players/Coaches

    1. Bowling Area -- All bowlers will remain in the immediate bowling area while the competition is in progress. If a bowler needs to leave the bowlers' area permission must be received from the coach. Only the coach and starting players will be in the bowling area.Coaches will be required to wear a pass that will be issued at the tournament.
    1. When To Bowl - Bowlers will be expected to follow the previous bowler promptly and will be required to bowl as soon as the one lane to their left and right is clear.
    1. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to: Deliberate fouls, gestures, unusually loud or vulgar language, or abuse of equipment or facilities, is not permitted. Coaches have the responsibility to warn a bowler for the first violation. A second violation will result in removal of the bowler from competition.
    1. Electronic Devices - No electronic devices of any kind are permitted to be in the bowling area.
    1. Bowling Attire - Slacks, shorts, turtlenecks, sports shirts with collars, T-shirts with a commercially lettered school name and logo, nice jeans and/or skirts are all acceptable. Unacceptable apparel includes but is not limited to tank tops, T-shirts that advertise alcohol, drugs or explicit material, jeans with holes or patches, hats or headgear and or boxer type shorts.

    Bowling Practice

    1. Practice - Bowlers will have 15 minutes of practice time before each round.