• 2022-23 Boys Basketball

    Spinning ball

    Head Coach: D'Aaron Owens

    Assistant: Rick Starr & Charles Cannon 

    2022-23 Boys Team 

    Jacob Ellis, Bradey Starr, Archie Goewey, Carson Griffith, Preston Feig, Colton Maltman, Jaron Cross, Talan Woodward, Will Stanton, Kruz Jackson, Jeffrey King, Kade Jackson, Bo Goewey, Kolton Cook, Landyn Baker, Max Olivares, Drew Jack, Lawrence Copper, Collyn Finckbone, Chase Berry, and Will Smith


    Any fan or spectator who gets removed from the Central City Gym due to poor behavior,

    poor sportsmanship or any other type of misconduct outlined in Central City School

    Board Policy 8:30 may lose their privilege to attend other athletic events or tournaments

    held at Central City School during the 2022-23 School Year.

    Boys CHS Shootout


    2022-23 Schedule Tentative Schedule 


    ** Oil Belt Conference Game

    Date Opponent Location Time Bus Time V JV
    10/17/22 Odin** Away 6:00      
    10/22/22 CHS Shootout - CC vs. SMS/TL (6th Grade) CHS Gym 2:30      
    10/22/22 CHS Shootout - CC vs. Raccoon (Varsity) CHS Gym 5:30      
    10/24/22 Raccoon** Away 6:00      
    10/25/22 Rome Away 6:00      
    10/28/22 Selmvaville** Away 6:00      
    11/5/22-11/10/22 P-ville #204 Tour. - CC vs. Away        
    11/14/22 Kell** Away        
    11/15/22 Willow Grove** Home 6:00      
    11/17/22 Cisne Home 6:00      
    11/21/22 Iuka** Home 6:00      
    11/29/22 Nashville Home 6:00      
    12/1/22 Trinity St. John Nashville Home 6:00      
    12/2/22 Field** Home 6:00      
    12/5/22-12/8/22 OBC Tour. (Odin and Raccoon) Away TBA       
    12/10/22 Central City Shootout Home        
    1/5/23 Carlyle Away        
    1/10/23 Patoka Home        
    1/12/23 Altamont Home         
    1/16/23-1/20/23 Woodlawn Tournament