• Central City Pee-Wee


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    Todd Reeves, Tim Branon & Tracey Starr

    Centralia 3rd  

    Selmaville 4th 2018

    2018-19 Pee-Wee Teams & Coaches

    3rd Grade

    3rd Grade Basketball - Mason Jackson & Brad Diehl

    3rd Grade

    B. Diehl
    C. Maltman
    J. Mikesell
    I. Miller
    T. Sloat
     K. Smythe
    T. Woodward 
    M. Alvira
    M. Alvira
    C. Breiter
    O. Cameron
    A. Goewey
    K. Jackson
    J. Watson

    3rd Grade Cheer - Courtney Mitchell & Tiffany Hixenbaugh

    3rd Grade Cheer

     A. Ainsworth
    A. Amason
    J. Correll
    E. Cottrill
    E. Hixenbaugh
    E. Hoerchler
    A. Mitchell
    E. Rupe
    E. Sanders

    4th Grade Pee-Wee Teams

    4th Grade Basketball (Orange) - Rick Starr & Jared McDonal

    4th Grade (Orange)

    R. Altenbaumer
    J. Brinson
    J. Cross
    C. Griffith
    O. McDonal
    R. Russell
    B. Starr

    4th Grade Basketball (White) - Adam Feig

    4th Grade (White)

     J. Atchison
     P. Barnhart
    J. Cushman
    J. Ellis
    P. Feig
    S. Feig
    C. Ramey
    H. Roper

    4th Grade Cheer - Emily Smith & Melissa Zach

    4th Grade Cheer

     B. Bailey
    L. Blair
     B. Callender
     A. Foulks
    R. Keeley
     M. Ramey
    K. Stuckey
     R. Zack
    M. Whitmore
    N. Brewster

    All Girls Pee-Wee Team (3rd & 4th Grades) - Tom Altenbaumer 

    Girls Pee-Wee Team

    E. Cullip
    R. Russell
    A. Dukes
    H. Roper
    S. Feig
    B. Callender
    M. VanDeveer
    A. Sloat

    5th Grade

    5th Grade Basketball - Jared Amason

    5th Grade Basketball 

     B. Finckbone
    T. Cody 
    B. Davis 
    B. Wood 
    C. McDonal 
    N. Cotrill 
    N. Thompson
  • Central City Pee-Wee



    3rd Grade

    Nov. 2-3


    3rd (Combined)
    Nov. 9-11 Central City 3rd (White & Orange)
    Nov. 17-18 Centralia Jr. High 3rd (White & Orange)
    Nov. 30 & Dec. 1-2  Central City  3rd (White & Orange)
    Jan. 4-6 Raccoon 3rd (White & Orange)
    Jan. 12 Fred Pearson Jamboree 3rd (White & Orange)
    Feb. 1-3 Raccoon 3rd (White & Orange)

    4th Grade

    Nov. 2-3 Selmaville 4th (White & Orange)
    Nov. 9-11 Central City 4th (White & Orange)
    Nov. 30 & Dec. 1-2 Central City 4th (White & Orange)
    Dec. 8-9 Selmaville 4th (White)
    Dec. 8-9 Centralia Jr. High 4th (Orange)
    Jan. 4-6 Raccoon 4th (White & Orange)
    Jan. 12 Centralia 4th (White & Orange)
    Jan. 17-19 Kell 4th (White)
    Jan. 25-27 Iuka 4th (Orange)
    Feb. 1-3 Raccoon 4th (White & Orange)

    2018 - 5th Grade League


    5th league 1.1

  • Pee-Wee Requirements

    Pee-Wee Basketball and Cheerleading is open to all students in grades 3rd, 4th & 5th.  The season will begin in early November with practices starting in late September or early October.  All coaches are volunteers and must have a current background check completed and on file.

    All Pee-Wee parents are required to work at the 2 home tournaments, one in November and one in December.

    Pee-Wee athletes must keep up their grades, have good behavior and attend practices on a regular basis in order to be eligible.


    Any Pee-Wee Fan or Spectator who gets removed from the Central City Gym due to poor behavior or sportsamnship, will not be allowed back into the Central City Gym for any other athletic events or tournaments held at Central City School during the 2017-18 School Year.