• Central City Scholar Bowl


    scholar bowl

    Coach:  Mr. Sloat


    Congratulations to the JV Scholar Bowl Team for finishing in

    2nd Place at the 2019 Raccoon JV Scholar Bowl Tournament!

    JV Scholar Bowl


    Congratulations to Tristan Bierman (far left) for making the 2019

    Raccoon JV Scholar Bowl Tournament All-Tourney Team.  Tristan

    had the 2nd most questions answered correctly!

    SB JV All Toruney


    Scholar Bowl practices will be on the following dates from 3:30 - 4:30.  Additional practices could be added later

    Jr. Varsity

    Varsity & Jr. Varsity

    2018 Schedule

    All matches begin at 3:30 unless stated otherwise.

    We will have practice on  the following dates



    Bold and Underline denotes location of the Match



    Jr. Varsity


    Bus Time


    1/8/19 Central City, Iuka @ Raccoon

    CC vs  Iuka

    L 115-55

    CC vs Raccoon

    L 160-140 

    CC vs Rac

    W 145-30

    CC vs Iuka

    L 115-20 

    1/15/19 Selmaville, Trinity Centralia @ CC

    CC vs Selm

    L 110-70

    Selm vs CC 

    L 150 -90 

    1/17/19 Central City,@ Sandoval L 185-75 

    CC vs Sandoval

    L 125-95 

    1/22/19 Central City @ Patoka  Re-Schedule Re -Schedule     

    Central City, Franklin Park @ Kell

    CC vs Kell

    W 70-60

    FP vs CC


    FP vs CC

    W 150-80

    Kell vs CC 

    W 115-40 

    2/1/19  OBC @ Kell 

     CC vs Kell

    L 145-110

    CC vs Selm

    L 85-70

    2/12/19 Odin, Nashville @ Central City

    CC vs Nashville

    L 145-40

    CC vs Odin

    W 135-65 

    Nashville vs CC

    W 60-25
    Odin vs CC

    W 115-25 

    2/13/19 Central City vs Patoka        
    2/19/19 Central City, Willow Grove @ Ashley        
    2/26/19  Central City, CJHS @ St. Mary's        
    3/8/19 Marion County Tournament @ Kaskaskia College        
    3/12/19  JV Tournament @ Raccoon 2nd Place